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Bachelorette Parties

Are you the Maid of Honor or Bridesmaid who is in charge of organizing a Bachelorette Party in California or Las Vegas?


Our team of seasoned Travel Advisors have tons of ideas on guiding Bachelorette Parties to the best Supper Clubs, Night Clubs, and the finest Male Strip Clubs.


We are in tune with the California & Las Vegas nightlife like no one else.


Cyren Entertainment is the only legitimate Travel Agency specializing in Bachelorette Party packages since 2000. We have helped plan thousands of Bachelorette and Stagette Parties.

Cyren Bachelorette Party packages include, Hotels, Hotel Suites, Bottle Service, VIP Night Club entrance, Private Shows, and so much more for the ultimate Bachelorette Party experience at an unbeatable price. Our VIP Planner services can give you some great ideas on activities that include, Striptease lessons, Dance lessons, Spa days, In-suite Makeup Artists, and Hair Stylists.

Our staff endlessly searches for the best quality services, and the most popular Venues in order to negotiate the best deals exclusively to our Clients. These deals include our VIP passes that get you right threw the door, and eliminates the cover charges. Lets not forget, we know where the best Happy Hour spots are going to be to get you discounts on Drinks, and Drink Services.

So to answer your question, yes a Cyren Bachelorette Party or Stagette Party is a phenomenal idea when coupled with a VIP Party service and Host. Don’t hesitate to CALL US NOW at 1-888-477-CYRN for assistance in selecting the right package for you.
Bachelorette Party Services:

Party Planning
VIP Host
Stagette Packages
Hotels & Suites
Night Clubs
Supper Clubs
Private Shows
Strip Clubs

Let our dedicated staff help you organize a Bachelorette Party that will always be remembered by the Bride and all her friends! Cyren Entertainment can assure those last few nights as a Bachelorette are meticulously planned, flawless, and a hell of a lot of fun.